Arginetix Vascular is based on a Nobel Prize-winning medical breakthrough that some consider being one of the most important advancements in the fight to naturally support and promote healthy blood pressure, cholesterol levels, heart health, and a sex drive that may have been lost in the later years of life! 

Studies have shown that people who have high blood pressure or high cholesterol are the most likely to be deficient in a lifesaving molecule known as Nitric Oxide.

Arginetix Vascular is the most potent, efficient, and bioavailable L-Arginine based product available today. 

Our product’s optimum absorption and utilization of high-quality nutrients is the key to a safe and effective dietary supplement.  Arginetix Vascular formula has a proprietary blend apart from all other  L-Arginine HCL products on the market. Arginetix uses an advanced form of L-Arginine called AAKG (L-Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate). We blend a 100% blend of pharmaceutical-grade L-Arginine and AAKG. You get all the targeted Nitric Oxide support of L-Arginine plus a number of benefits from AAKG, such as more Arginine stability, bioavailability, and absorption.



Significant Way Arginetix Vascular Nitric Oxide Formula Benefits Overall Health:


• May increase longer lasting production of NO (nitric oxide)

• Helps decrease vascular resistance 

• Promotes blood flow to tissues to promote tissue healing 

• Helps support healthy blood pressure and blood sugar levels

• Enhances right heart function and oxygenation of the blood 

• Helps to promote exercise duration and lessen muscle fatigue 

• Decreases lactic acid accumulation and increases muscle recovery

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