What is in Arginetix Cardio

Arginext Functional Nitric Oxide Formula

Cardioware Science, LLC is a leader in the L-arginine industry. Founders Cardiologist Siva Arunasalam, MD and Daniel Austin, RN of High Desert Heart Vascular Institute are also the formulators of Arginetix Cardio. Dr.Siva and Dan are passionate about their unique formula and the efficacy of their product. Ongoing studies continue to show increased benefits for cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, inflammation and enhanced athletic endurance and muscle recovery.

Unlike other L-arginine supplements available from pharmacy chain stores, food stores, or Network Marketing companies, Arginetix Cardio is only available from healthcare providers or approved websites and specialty stores.


Arginetix Cardio

Arginetix Cardio is the most potent, efficient and bioavailable L-arginine based product available today. Optimum Absorption and utilization of high quality nutrients is the key to a safe and effective dietary supplement.

Arginetix Cardio uses an advanced form of L-arginine called AAKG(L-arginine alpha ketoglutarate). Our product is 100% blend of pharmaceutical grade L-arginine and alpha ketoglutarate. You get all the targeted Nitric Oxide support of arginine plus a number of benefits from AAKG, such as more arginine stability, bioavailability and absorption.

Cardioware Science formulated Arginetix Cardio as the Next Evolutionary product to help improve the Cardiovascular System. It also has Anti-Aging benefits that assist in Preventive Health.


“I witness daily the challenges that my patients and fellow practitioners face when dealing with America’s number one killer; “Heart Disease”. Dr.Siva and I remain passionate in our belief that Arginetix Cardio has an important role in Integrative Wellness and disease prevention.”

Daniel C Austin, RN

Cardioware Science, LLC

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